Choosing the best Cloud ERP provider for your business can be an equally daunting task as running a business without Cloud ERP at all. There is a plethora of Cloud ERP service provider in the market. Some of them are really good, others not so much. But do not worry. We have already done the tedious job of scouting the best Cloud ERP service provider for your business in India. Here are the top 10.

  1. EXPAND ERP – Expand ERP has been of the pioneers of cloud computing. They have a huge and satisfied client base. They offer a highly scalable and flexible software experience. They can cater to the demands of small, mid-size and even large industries. Their flexibility allows the leasers to modify the software in the best possible way to suit their needs. The software is known to be an end to end iteration which eliminates the need to have multiple vendors. Their cloud seeding is among the most secure encrypted ones. The e-commerce support provided by them is unmatched in the Indian context. The providers allow for third party integration, such as Paytm as well as supports for backlinks. Expand ERP is of the very few ERP providers who have an intuitive mobile app. All this at a very competitive price. Expand ERP has some of the well known names in the business as their clients. Overall Expand ERP is probably the Top ERP Software for Manufacturing in India.
  2. ProERP – Digital Business Platform – ProERP is a cloud based ERP system which provides a host of features. It is mostly suited to small to medium sized businesses. It is customizable and can be tailored to suit various needs. The software is especially known for its integration of customer resource management and accounting. The pricing too is competitive. Good customer support and flexible payment schemes have made ProERP a favourite among newer companies. ProERP is also probably the quickest one to deploy the software after placing an order. It is for all these reasons that ProERP has secured the second spot on our ranking chart for top 10 ERP providers in India.
  1. Reach ERP – Reach ERP is another potent software which can be customized according to the needs of any business. They too mostly specialize in small to medium sized businesses. They provide exclusive features for business for multiple branches. Most of their clients are wholesalers, retailers and project manufacturers. Their UI is simple and prices are low. A secure cloud ensures that the client’s data is safe. They can connect multiple branches with practically no investment in servers. However, they are unable to support the robust needs of a large industry.
  1. Sage ERP – Sage is a global ERP provider. Their prices are on the higher side but so is their reputation. They are known for their automation capabilities which they most effectively bring to mid-sized industries. Most of their clients are wholesalers and manufacturers. Their software is easy to learn as well. Although greatly reliable, Sage ERP misses out on a few features. They require significant investment in LANs and servers, and they are not well-suited to manage large industries. But if you own a small to the medium sized firm, and are looking for automation with an internationally recognized name, you can choose saga.
  1. Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most widely used ERP software. It is a desktop ERP software published by Microsoft.  Possibly the biggest advantage of Microsoft Dynamics is the feature partner integration. Your business partners too can be a part of the customization, thus allowing for seamless communication between the wings of a company. The prices are relatively high but you get the Microsoft branding. Customizability and flexibility are high but limited in case of large industries. Most of the clients of Microsoft Dynamics are manufacturers and wholesalers.
  1. WorkXMate ERP – WorkXMate is one of the best ERP solutions when it comes to small companies. It is a cloud based software system focused on industrial growth. It is known for giving small ventures a new insight into the industry. The prices are reasonable. The system also allows a fair deal of customizability. However, WorkXMate is not an ideal software prospect for large industries. Choose WorkXMate if you’re looking for a reliable cloud based and feature laden ERP system for your small business.
  1. Eresource ERP – Eresource ERP is a good option for cloud ERP is you are looking to reduce capital expenses. The cloud seed is reliable and secure. Eresource is a web based ERP system that is both flexible and affordable. Eresource works well with small to medium sized industries. It has a good client base who speak highly about the software ambience. Choose Eresource ERP if you are looking to cut down on unnecessary organizational expenses.
  1. Astral Manufacturing ERP – Astral is a familiar name in the Indian ERP market. It offers most of the services expected out of an Enterprise Resource Planning system. They specialize in providing services to mid-size firms and their speciality is warehouse management and human resource integration. Prices are justified for what you get. Astral manufacturing ERP lacks a few features such as Enterprise asset management, but they make up for it by offering other quality services. Their automation procedure is well-reputable. The payment scheme is rigid and they accept only one time payment. This makes a little infamous with firms running on a shoestring budget.
  1. Emerge ERP – Emerge ERP is a very popular ERP system among wholesalers and distributors. Their primary targets are small industries and their unique selling proposition is inventory management. The flexibility index is good and the documentation procedure is automated. The software is end to end encrypted, but prices are a little steep. Perhaps the biggest demerit of Emerge ERP is their inability to efficiently manage complex sales and purchase relationship for companies.
  2. Tech Cloud ERP – Tech cloud ERP operates in other countries too, apart from India. They are a few of the providers to have a dedicated mobile app. Some of the services provided by Tech Cloud ERP are Sales & Marketing, Finance, Inventory Management, HRMS/Payroll, CRM, et cetera. There are little expenses on LAN and servers and prices too are pretty competitive. The cloud data is known to be secure and encrypted.

We have enlisted the best Cloud ERP systems for your business in India. You cannot possibly go wrong with any of these.